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Site Audit
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Why consider a Site Audit?

For larger sites, especially ecommerce platforms or CMS-based websites that produce content each week, an in-depth Site Audit is the recommended approach to ensure performance issues and solutions are identified. However, if you run a small business, or website with less than 50 pages, we recommend a Site Review as a more appropriate solution.

What is a Site Audit?

A Site Audit is an in-depth analysis of SEO and non-SEO issues affecting the site. For instance, the report details technical issues affecting the organic performance of the site, as well as accessibility and page speed considerations.

What's Included?

A Site Audit includes a one-hour conference call to review the findings of the analysis. This gives you an excellent opportunity to discuss further questions and find solutions. A Site Audit covers the following topics:

Topic Description
Configuration Technical issues affecting the site. Includes recommended solutions.
URLs Issues affecting URLs, such as structure, duplicate content & canonicalisation
On-Page Analysis of site content. Duplicate content issues and semantics.
Internal Links Analysis of internal linking structure, recommendations for improvement.
External Links Analysis of external links, recommendations for improvement.
Non-SEO Non-SEO issues are highlighted that have an impact on the sites performance.
Review One-hour conference call to discuss findings of site audit.

Site Audit Pricing

From G.B. £1,449

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Is this value-for-money?

Performing a site audit is a time-consuming process, that unearths technical and non-technical problems on the site. As with any type of audit, it should be thorough so as not to miss vital areas.

A thorough examination involves a lot of manual checking of data points. But we feel that our starting price for an SEO Audit is attractive, when considering the far-reaching benefits to your website.

Next steps

After you contact us, we will arrange to have a brief phone call on a day and at a time that is convenient for you. This will enable us to get a clear idea of your objectives for the site, and any problems the site is having.

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