PPC Advertising

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What is PPC Advertising?

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click. This form of advertising is based on spending an advertising budget with a search engine, such as Google or Bing. In return for visibility within the paid advertisement section, the site owner is charged each time a user clicks on their advert.

Why Consider PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising enables a business to advertise instantly. Whilst SEO is slower, we usually recommend that clients engage in PPC advertising to supplement an SEO campaign. For various reasons, some clients prefer to stick with PPC rather than allocate a budget to more in-depth SEO activity.

What Can I Expect from PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is extremely measurable. It enables you to establish an accurate ROI figure. To many businesses this is vital for their online marketing budget, and enables them to forecast future sales. PPC works well as long as the account is well-managed. A poorly managed account wastes money and provides little or no quality traffic (leads or conversions). A well-managed PPC account involves constant tweaking of keywords, budget allocation and advert copy. This leads to good quality traffic and increased leads.

What It Costs

From U.S. $275 per month →

What We Offer?

STIRLING Digital Media offer monthly PPC management services where we can run the campaign on your behalf. This includes keyword research, competitor analysis. We report each month on all PPC activity, costs and importantly, Cost-Per-click (CPC). We are constantly optimizing the campaign to improve the CPC and increase leads for your site.

Although PPC advertising doesn't have to be complex, many businesses simply don't have the time or expertise to devote to it. Therefore, for a competitive price, we can run and maintain your PPC campaign for you.