Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a facet of Search Engine Optimization, focused specifically on local results. Local SEO is beneficial to businesses of all sizes that have physical locations or consultants and service providers who visit clients and customers within a certain area (perhaps a city, county or state). By using local SEO techniques, a business can increase the chance of ranking in a local community or city-wide area, which in turn, can help to generate increased revenue.

Is Local SEO Right for My Business?

This is a good question. If a business involves servicing customers from a shop or office (or multiple shops or offices), then local SEO is likely a valuable marketing avenue for you to consider.

If a business provides services within a community, such as a plumbing business, or a business consultant who doesn't rely on a fixed office location, the local SEO strategy is slightly different. The aim would be to rank in areas that the business or consultant serves. For example, a plumber in Fort Lauderdale may want to provide services within the whole of Broward county. Local SEO can assist the plumber in achieving rankings within towns and cities within the county.

On the other hand, businesses that provide their services on a national, international and/or multilingual basis may not find local SEO useful, as their customer-base is so broad. If this is the case an ethical SEO campaign can take elements of local SEO where appropriate, and combine that with other internet marketing techniques to help the business increase visibility in organic search results.

What It Costs

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What we offer?

Google Places listing creation and optimization is the quickest and most basic local SEO service that we offer. However, we can cover the broad range of local SEO considerations, as well as produce a robust local SEO strategy for your business. This utilizes many aspects of local SEO and social media, to produce a clear strategy.

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