Ethical SEO

What is Ethical SEO?

First let's start with, What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of improving the visibility of a website in organic (non-paid) search results. For example a small local business may engage in an SEO campaign to improve the visibility of their website in order to generate more leads.

So, What is Ethical SEO? Ethical SEO ensures that optimization processes are compliant with search engine guidelines. For example, Google and Bing set-out guidelines that they want website owners to follow. If a website owner, or SEO company working on behalf of a company ignore these SEO guidelines, the clients' website can be penalized or banned from the search results. This can have a significant impact on revenue for the client, as well as giving honest, hard-working digital marketers a bad name.

Ethical SEO conforms to accepted SEO standards.

Ethical SEO Takes Time

Good quality SEO campaigns take time. Results don't happen over-night, and if they do, you should be asking your SEO manager how the results were achieved. As ethical SEO takes time, we usually recommend a two-pronged approach, combining SEO with PPC advertising. PPC advertising is instant and can generate lots of traffic to your site. A good PPC manager adjusts and optimizes the PPC account to ensure the traffic coming to your site is of good quality and likely to convert.

What Can I Expect?

Ethical SEO gives you the peace of mind that the SEO activity being generated on and for your site is compliant with search engine guidelines thus reducing the risk of penalties. Ethical SEO is hard-work but extremely rewarding over time. Good quality content, natural links and a well-built and structured website can outperform low quality websites that eventually receive penalization from the search engines, such as Google or Bing.

What we offer?

At STIRLING Digital Media we offer campaigns that adhere to ethical SEO best practice. These are not low cost campaigns that can damage your website, but rather high-quality and transparent campaigns that help to build steady, growing traffic to your website.

We offer monthly SEO management campaigns where we provide technical recommendations, as well as good quality content, out-reach activity to encourage good quality natural links to your website and regular conference calls to discuss the campaign.

We also monitor keywords and competitors to assess what they are doing well and what you need to be doing to compete. Whilst we strictly adhere to ethical SEO best practice, we sometimes see other sites engaging in dubious SEO activities. If that is the case within your group of competitors, we will continue to provide ethical services. We never bend or break the rules, even if requested to by clients. Our reputation is important, and we would rather lose business than work in an unethical manner.

Ethical SEO Pricing

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