Slow and Steady Wins the Race

There's a lot of talk about how to rank your website nowadays. With all the algorithm changes currently happening, Google is getting stricter on how they rank websites, and what you must be doing in order to see good results. The last thing you want is for your website to disappear from the search engines! That's why it's important to listen to good advice and then test for yourself, or use a reputable internet marketing company.

What are the benefits of steady SEO growth?

In the early days of Google, search results were fairly easy to manipulate. You could simply blast a website with hundreds, or thousands of links, and your website would rise to the top of the search results. Those days are long gone, but we still see people preaching this unethical, and dangerous methodology.

If you attempt to use black hat tactics to rank your site today, at best you'll see a quick jump in rankings, followed by a plunge back down the SERPs. The worst case scenario would be that your site gets banned from the search results.

Instead, you should focus on white hat methods for ranking your site. The growth and rise through the rankings will be slower, but it is the safest and only recommended methodology for long-term benefit.

What are some strategies I can implement?

1 . Have an overarching content marketing plan

There are a few different elements to a content marketing plan. Your overall goal is to attract and build natural links. This plan should include the content you're going to write on your site, as well as content you're going to be creating for use on other sites.

The content for your site should be centered around certain keywords, but it's main focus should be on providing value to your readers. Your third-party content should be targeted toward sites that are relevant, where your opinion adds value to the readers of that site. This will have the nice side benefit of sending you traffic from their readers, building natural links, and building authority for your site.

2. Use social media

You should be sharing all of your content across your social media channels. This will help to funnel visitors back to your site. It is also good to share other relevant and interesting content via your social media channels, this adds value for your followers. Managing your social media channels can be time-consuming, so using tools such as HootSuite or Buffer will help.

3. Optimize on-site SEO

You should have a list of keywords and topic areas that you're trying to rank your site for and have the content on your site geared to those keywords and topics. You should also be looking at the structure of your site, and fixing any issues that may be holding your site back in terms of performance. Moz has a good on-site SEO guide where you can learn the basics.

4. Utilize email marketing

Make sure you are collecting email addresses of users that are coming by your site. This will allow you to build a relationship with your readers and have a more engaged group whenever you release an article. This usually equates to a longer time on site, which will contribute to better rankings. Tools such as MailChimp can help with the process of email marketing.

How can I use PPC to increase profits/customers while I'm still growing?

Since this strategy is focused on long-term growth, using PPC along with SEO should help you to see profit sooner. You can use paid advertising, by sending ad traffic from Google or another source to your site. This will also allow you to see what content users are gravitating towards and gear your site toward the right audience.