Why is your online marketing strategy failing?

Is your online revenue heading in the wrong direction? Is your website failing to bring in the traffic or orders that you need? There could be several factors as to why your online marketing strategy is failing and many of them could be to do with your website.

According to research carried out by Forrester, 49 percent of sites do not comply with basic usability principles. Both Google and Bing offer basic guidelines on how to structure your website to make it searchable and usable.

Getting the basics right

There are many seemingly obvious features missing from a lot of SMB sites. For example, almost 75 percent¹ do not have an email link on their homepage for visitors to contact them. 60 percent¹ do not have a contact business telephone number on their pages, therefore stopping a sizeable chunk of potential online business. A further 65.7 percent¹ have no information-request form. All of these features, although basic, are effective means of prompting people to get in touch.

As any digital marketing agency will tell you, good content is one of the main factors in a successful business website. Regularly updated content including company news, opinion pieces, blog entries, polls and competitions can all keep visitors coming back for more. Yet despite the emphasis that search giant Google puts on good content when ranking sites, a whopping 50 percent of online sales are lost because users can't find site content, according to Forrester.

Despite the emphasis that search giant Google puts on good content when ranking sites, a whopping 50 percent of online sales are lost because users can't find site content.

Access to the internet via mobile phones is growing quickly year-by-year as more people start to use smart-phones. However most SMBs have been slow to recognize this fact with 93.3 percent¹ of SMB websites failing to be mobile-compliant. This means that these sites do not render correctly on mobile devices or smart-phones which again cuts out more potential clients.

Becoming more social

Social media has become, over the last five years or so, a great way to communicate with your customers and spread your brand message. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin can help promote brand awareness, provide networking opportunities and provide a higher level of customer service to customers than was previously possible. However, these opportunities have appeared to pass some SMBs by, with one in ten² online marketers admitting to having no social media presence at all.

Only 42 percent² of Business to Client businesses consider themselves 'very' or 'fully engaged' with social media. The figure is even less with Business to Business clients, with only 27 percent considering themselves 'very' or 'fully engaged'.

Doing it right

In this article we've looked at several ways in which your online marketing campaign could be failing. Many of these problems are simple to remedy by making a few adjustments to your website and making more time for using social media correctly. If you need more help, why not consider our global online consultancy service, or if you're located in the Fort Lauderdale-Miami area, why not book a SiteClinic session with us.

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