Why are companies turning to branded content?

#200067997-001 / Branded content is currently having a real impact on the marketing world. In fact, you’ve probably watched or read some branded content in the last day or so, whether you’re aware of it or not. The concept is taking off to such a degree that many big firms are looking to incorporate… read more →

Google takes the brand top spot

#152807961 / Google comes out on top in the latest Brandz Top 100 as big brands consolidate their dominance. A recovering economy helps values of many big brand names soar as they leave the recession years behind. If the results of the 2014 Brandz list of the top 100 most valuable global brands are… read more →

Are traditional brands moving over from TV to digital?

There is a lot of talk at the moment concerning the impact online advertising and video is having on traditional brand marketing. Is online marketing becoming more attractive to brands than the more traditional advertising outlets such as television? Well, TV remains one of the strongest advertising mediums, but a new report shows that for… read more →

Five trends that characterized online marketing in 2013

The ever-evolving world of online marketing saw new trends emerge in 2013. Some have been design based such as parallax layouts and others are a result of the impact of new technology (smartphones, tablet computers). What is apparent however, is that online marketing is no longer the preserve of link building, it is now subject… read more →