We run a limited number of SiteClinic sessions each month. These exclusive and affordable SiteClinic sessions offer a fantastic opportunity to get expert advice on improving the performance of your business website in organic search results.

Book Now to secure a one-on-one SiteClinic session with Robin Parduez. Robin provides a friendly and professional one-on-one consultation where you have the opportunity to raise questions about your website, and receive actionable advice to improve the performance of your website.

Please note: these sessions are not a sales pitch. We aim to provide you with actionable advice that will help your business grow online. However, we do offer a 10% discount to customers who subsequently use our services.

SiteClinic Pricing

$249.00 per hour at our office based in Plantation, FL.

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What Is a SiteClinic?

A SiteClinic is a one-on-one consultation session lasting two hours in our Plantation office. These consultation sessions are ideal for one or two persons, so you may want to bring your developer along to the consultation.

During the consultation Robin will assess various aspects of your business website, and make recommendations on how it can be improved. By implementing these recommendations you should benefit from improved search engine rankings and more traffic.

Robin will provide honest and transparent advice on how to better promote your business online. We aim for a single SiteClinic session to provide you with guidance that will benefit your business on an on-going basis.

Who is Robin Parduez?

Robin is a seasoned SEO professional and Internet marketer with expertise in many different business categories. Read Robin's skills and experience on his personal website.

What Will Be Covered?

Issues affecting the performance of your website in organic search results, such as:

  • Titles & Meta Data
  • URL Structure
  • Website Content
  • Website Code SEO-friendliness
  • External inbound link profile
  • Internal link profile
  • Social Media performance
  • Tablet & Mobile performance
  • Website Speed
  • Online Business Strategy

If there are areas of your site that you would like to cover in more depth please let us know when booking your session, and we will be happy to accommodate.

What Should I Bring?

You don't need to bring anything along with you to the training session. However, a notepad and pen will likely be beneficial if you wish to take notes.

How Can I Get the Most Benefit from My SiteClinic Session?

If you are technically inclined, Robin will be able to share in-depth technical advice and guidance that can be implemented on your site. Robin has vast experience in providing technical guidance to multinational corporations as well as SMBs.

If you are less technically inclined, you will still benefit from a SiteClinic, as Robin will share advice that will be easier to implement. However, for maximum benefit, we would recommend you bring along your web developer/technical lead to benefit from the training session as well.