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Site Review
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Why Consider a Site Review?

Nearly all websites suffer from technical problems of one form or another that can have an impact on performance in organic search results. This basically means that the website isn't reaching it's full potential. Technical issues hamper site performance, which impacts on site visits, leads and ultimately generated revenue.

What is a Site Review?

A Site Review involves the analysis and identification of major technical issues affecting the organic search performance of your website, as well as recommended solutions to improve performance.

What's Included?

A comprehensive Site Review report detailing technical issues with explanations, as well as, recommended solutions to improve site performance. A Site Review covers the following topics:

Topic Description
Content Assessment of quality of content on site as well as duplicate content issues.
Architecture Structure of site. URLs, logical layout, canonicalization, and ease of crawlability by search engine spiders.
Technical Analysis of major technical issues affecting site and how to fix them.
Internal Linking Analysis of internal linking structure, recommendations for improvement.
Titles & Meta Data Assessment of titles and meta data, with schema for improved formatting.

If you require a more detailed report, you may want to consider an Site Audit.

Site Review Pricing

From U.S. $1,275

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Our Service is Bespoke

The old saying "you get what you pay for" rings true. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with top quality work. This takes time and effort. We don't churn out automated reports to make quick bucks. Our service treats the needs of each client individually. It is never a case of "one-size, fits-all".

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After you contact us, we will arrange to have a brief phone call on a day and at a time that is convenient for you. This will enable us to get a clear idea of your objectives for the site, and any problems the site is having.

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