Online Consultancy

We run online consultancy sessions for clients all over the world! These sessions are a great way to receive expert online marketing advice for an hour-or-two, or on an ongoing basis. Whether you need basic guidance on setting up Google Analytics, creating Goals, expert opinion on your link building strategy, changing your sites URL structure, or you need help setting up an online marketing strategy – we're here to help. You also get your first hour for only $45.00, so what are you waiting for!

Setting up an online consultancy session is easy. Simply request a session and fill in the form so that we can arrange a consultancy session when it's convenient for you. We even offer discounts when you book multiple sessions – ideal if you want to cover several topics.

What topics are covered?

These sessions are unique to you and your business, we answer your questions or cover topics that are of interest to you.

How do I...

  • ...add Google Analytics to my site
  • ...track conversions and online sales
  • ...track when users click a specific link or button
  • a Google Adwords PPC campaign
  • ...fix technical issues on my website
  • ...improve the search ranking of site
  • build in an ethical and future-proof manner
  • ...attract more leads to my website
  • ...and many more

We use advanced web conferencing software that enables us to demonstrate our actions on screen, we can also have a "hands-on" approach if you don't feel comfortable making technical change to your website.

Online Consultancy Pricing

$65.00 per hour
Special Offer: First hour only $45.00

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What equipment do I need?

  • Windows or Mac computer
  • Internet connection (broadband is best)
  • Microphone and speakers (built-in or USB headset)
  • Webcam (optional)

Most computers have built-in microphones and speakers, but you will get much better audio quality if you use a headset or handset. You can also make calls on your landline or mobile device.

Still have questions?

Email [email protected]
Call (954) 828-2224