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See Google Adwords


See Search Algorithm.


Analytics software enables website owners to determine how many visitors have reached their site. Depending on the analytics package, other useful metrics are measured, such as Bounce Rates, eCommerce Revenue and Goal Conversions. See also Google Analytics.


An anchor is another name for a link on a webpage. There are different types of anchors, or links, such as internal (links to other pages on the same site or on the same page) and external (links to pages on other sites). An anchor generally looks like the following example:
<a href="">Some Text Here</a>

Anchor Text

In the example below, the text 'Some Text Here' is referred to as anchor text:
<a href="">Some Text Here</a>


Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools provides diagnostics and analysis tools for website owners. The tool provides useful information on how to improve your website rankings in Bing. See also Google Webmaster Tools.

Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO describes on-site and/or off-site optimization techniques which fall outside the search engine guidelines set out by Google and Bing, for example. Black Hat optimization can even include illegal activities, such as hacking of websites to place links to another website. Black Hat SEO should be avoided at all costs. See also Gray Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.



Content Management System: a CMS enables experienced and inexperienced users to create content, add or remove pages and upload images to a website with ease. After brief training, most users will feel comfortable using a CMS. There are several popular CMSs, such as Django, Joomla, Magento, and the former-blogging platform WordPress, has progressed into becoming an advanced CMS used by many major websites. The alternative to a CMS involves knowing how to write HTML, CSS, JavaScript and possibly a dynamic language such as PHP or ASP to create content on a website.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google's analytical package, used by many website owners to count traffic to their site, as well as other useful metrics, such as Bounce Rates, eCommerce Revenue and Goal Conversions. Google currently offer Free and Premium versions of the software. See also Analytics.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free tool that provides reports about your websites visibility in Google search results. Google Webmaster Tools also provides diagnostics to troubleshoot problems with your website. See also Bing Webmaster Tools.

Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO describes on-site and/or off-site optimization techniques that may break search engine guidelines. In other words, a "gray area" that is difficult to define as ethical or not. These techniques should be avoided. See also Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.


Search Algorithm

Search Engines use advanced algorithms to determine which results are shown to a user based on their specific search query.


This acronym is commonly used to describe a search engine results page. This is the page you are presented with once you complete a search query on a search engine, such as Google or Bing. The SERP lists links and descriptions of pages that the search engine deems to be relevant to the search query that you entered in the search box.



A webmaster, is an individual who is responsible for the maintenance of a website. A webmaster is sometimes referred to as a web developer or website administrator. A webmaster is generally well-versed in several different facets of website management, including web design, server administration and website analytics.

Webmaster Guidelines

Search engine companies such as Google and Bing publish guidelines to assist webmasters in developing websites. Read Webmaster Guidelines here: Google - Bing - Yandex

Webmaster Tools

See Bing Webmaster Tools or Google Webmaster Tools.

White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO describes on-site and/or off-site optimization techniques that are ethical and comply with search engine guidelines. White Hat SEO techniques are encouraged and should be used at all times. See also Black Hat SEO and Gray Hat SEO.